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Our company Wholesale Properties Colorado is the number one discount property provider in the state of Colorado, and we aim to provide our clients with premium deals on off market properties that fit their budget and criteria.  Our goal is to provide our rehab buyers the highest quality, off market deals that can’t be found on the local MLS!  If you are a private investor who is searching for below market, wholesale deals then you absolutely have to sign up for our buyer’s list today, and we will match your search criteria with our inventory to see if we can discover something suitable for your investment needs.

Buying discounted investment properties in Denver is something that you need to have your wits about you to accomplish, so gaining a deeper understanding about the market is critical to your success.  You can stay up to date with the latest market knowledge and trends by checking back in to our blog regularly, to see what recent updates have been completed.  Our team is constantly searching for new deals and information that can help us and our investors get a leg up in this highly competitive market and industry, so please stay tuned for more valuable info about this topic.

Reasons To Buy Properties From Us:

  • Fresh inventory that is constantly updated on a weekly basis with new deals and properties that are below market value, off the MLS, and ripe for the picking.
  • We are professional wholesalers who know the game inside and out, and we are 100% dedicated to providing our clients with the types of investment properties that they desire.
  • Unique approach to selling to cash buyers that involves working with them on a one on one basis, learning what types of properties they are after, and delivering them to those investors on a silver platter.
  • We are hard working, extremely smart and ambitious people who are highly motivated to get new deals each and every week, so please sign up for our buyer’s list today to get instant access to our deals.
  • We get bigger discounts than most of the other wholesalers in the market.  Denver is a highly competitive market, which makes it extremely hard to find deals, but we are still able to do it, so get in touch with us if you want more high quality real estate deals in your pipeline!

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At the end of the day it’s all about getting more leads and deals into your pipeline, so staying up to date with our most recent properties is definitely a must.  If you sign up for our cash buyer’s list immediately one of our wholesale team members will reach out to you immediately to figure out your purchasing criteria, and get you setup with the right types of deals that are below market and off of the MLS.  Our deals are at 80% of full market value or lower (minus repairs) and we do get some seller financing and rent to own stuff in once in awhile, so definitely still sign up if that’s what you are primarily looking for.

We pride ourselves on being effective marketers who have the unique ability to get loads of leads online through our unique content marketing system, just like how you probably found this article.  Well, we are marketing the same way for motivated sellers, and we have a consistent lead flow that enables us to put a lot of different properties under contract simultaneously, so we can market them out to our list of cash buyers and keep the deal pool flowing.  Our goal is to become the most successful wholesalers in the state of Colorado, from Denver to Pueblo, and everywhere in between.

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