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If you have been searching for Inexpensive Colorado Investment Property For Sale Online then you are in the right place, as we are one of the best wholesalers in the entire state.  We have bought and sold hundreds of properties around Colorado, and we will definitely be interested in providing you with your next fix and flip, or buy & hold investment property.  Every single deal that we send out to our cash buyer’s list has been vetted by our team, and has been verified as a highly profitable deal that will produce consistent income, if a hold, or a large lump sum, if a fix and flip.  Regardless of what types of investment properties you are looking for, or in what location, we can help you find them.  So feel free to sign up for our cash buyer’s list today, and start getting a steady stream of the best local wholesale deals sent straight to your inbox without any hesitation.  You also get the opportunity to become a preferred buyer, which means that you will be sent the very best deals from our inventory before the other investors on the market even get a chance to look at them.  This will put you out in front of the pack, and will allow you to jump on the best deals before the competition even hears about them!

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Why You Should Sign Up To Work With Our Team Today

  • Steady stream of below market wholesale deals send directly to your inbox twice a week, or more!  We send out deals regularly, and our inventory is constantly being updated with new properties, so you will get a fresh supply of new deals to choose from every couple of days, instead of the same old deals recycled over and over again, like other wholesalers do.
  • Our team actually goes out there and puts our own properties under contract, and we don’t rehash other investors deals and add our commissions on top.  We market for and locate our own deals, analyze them, calculate the numbers, and then package them up and sell the contracts to our clients.
  • We are professional home buyers and sellers that have been working in this industry for several years, and we have the best process for finding and buying local wholesale deals, which we then package up and send out to our cash buyer’s list for investors to bid on, and get first dibs on the best wholesale properties for sale online.
  • No downside.  Since there is virtually no risk involved for you, there is really no reason not to at least sign up for our cash buyer’s list (which you can opt out of at any time, although you would be crazy to do so), so take action and do it now!

Why Our Team Is Much Better Than Other Wholesalers

Our wholesaling real estate team is much more professional and easy to work with than other wholesalers on the market, probably because we realize how the game is played, and we know that getting results for our clients is the only way to truly succeed in this business.  This is why we are such a hard working team that will go to great lengths in order to provide our clients with the results that they demand, and have come to expect in this business.  When you’re a successful flipper, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting your time talking with and negotiating with sellers, which is where we come in.  We do all of the marketing, negotiating, haggling, and hassling with the seller and get them to sign on the dotted line to sell their house at a good price, so then you can simply come in and take over the contract without doing any of the legwork (besides paying our wholesale fee of course, but it’s well worth it!).  Our wholesale fee is well worth the asking price of what we are delivering, because most of our deals have at least 30k – 50k worth of profit left on the bone, even after paying our fee, closing costs, seller concessions, and other fees associated with the sale of the home.  Since our deals are so hot, we can afford to charge a $5,000 wholesale fee on most of our contracts, and flippers will happily pay this fee all day long in order to get access to a 50k flip in hot neighborhood.  This is our value that we’re bringing to the marketplace, and we encourage you to sign up for our list below to get instant access to our below market, non MLS wholesale deals in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver CO.

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