How To Locate Wholesale Investment Properties In Colorado

If you have been searching online, trying to find out how to locate wholesale investment properties in Colorado then you are in the right place, because our team here at Wholesale Properties Colorado has been actively marketing for, and finding the best Colorado wholesale deals in the market for several years now.  We have hundreds of cash buyers on our email list, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign up immediately to get the latest and greatest deals from our inventory sent directly to your email inbox without any delay.  Also, you have the option to sign up to become a preferred buyer, which means that once we meet you, and are comfortable working with you on a one on one basis, and we learn your search criteria, we will send those deals that are specifically tailored for you directly to your email inbox before other investors even get the chance to look at them.  This gives you a huge, unfair advantage over the other flippers and cash buyers in your market, and since you are getting the first crack at these deals, you can see if their a good fit or not before you pass them onto the other investors in your area.

Benefits Of Working With Us Over Other Wholesalers

  • Consistent deals sent directly to your inbox before other investors even see them (if you sign up and become a preferred buyer)
  • New properties put under contract each week then sent out to our investor database.
  • Ability to custom build your search criteria in order to locate exactly the types of deals that you’re looking for.
  • Opportunity to deal with a “real” wholesaler, not someone who simpy repackages and resells other deals from other investors and adds their commissions on top (no offense if you do this, but we hate it…find your own deals) 🙂
  • Skilled negotiation tactics getting properties for 20 – 50% off of full market value.
  • Highly lucrative, profitable deals vetted by our team of real estate experts.  We only send out deals that are verified by us to be profitable….NO JUNK!!!

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How Our Team Differs From Other Wholesalers In Colorado

The main difference between us and other wholesalers around Colorado is that we are “true” wholesalers, meaning that we actively market for and find our own motivated seller leads, instead of “co-wholesaling” other peoples properties that they have under contract.  Every single home that we send out to our cash buyer’s list is a home that we’ve actually gone out to, spoken with the seller, and put under contract using a standard Colorado purchase and sale agreement.  We then send these properties that we have under contract out to our buyer’s list, and give everyone an equal opportunity and chance to bid on the property.  Once we have a verified, interested buyer, then the next step is for the buyer to come out and take a look at the property to decide if they want to get their financing in order to go through with the sale.  We leave it up to our buyer’s whether or not they want to get an inspection, but we usually recommend it, especially if the house is more than 20 – 30 years old.  We have been wholesaling in Colorado for several years now, and have built up long-lasting relationships with investors all around the industry, so we look forward to working with you on your next deal!

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