Handyman Specials, Colorado Springs Fixer Uppers For Sale

If you have been searching on the internet trying to find the best Handyman Specials, Colorado Springs Fixer Uppers For Sale then you are in the right spot, as our company Wholesale Properties Colorado is the number 1 wholesale properties supplier in the state.  We are constantly getting new properties under contract, and then we sell the assignable purchase rights to those contracts to our investor-buyers who sign up for our cash buyer’s list, which you can do at the bottom of this page.  The best thing about our handyman special, Colorado Springs fixer uppers is that they are discounted at higher percentages than most of the other so called “wholesale” deals on the marketplace.  Our entire team personally goes through each and every deal to make sure that it’s highly profitable for other investors.

A Consistent Stream Of Profitable Deals

We refresh our properties every single week, and as soon as we have a new deal under contract we send it out to our cash buyer database to see if anyone is interested.  It’s always first come, first served with our business, but there is also the option to sign up and become a preferred buyer, where we take down your specific criteria for investment properties and match you with exactly the types of homes you are looking for.  When you are involved in this program, we begin working with you and your team on a more personal level, and it becomes a one on one type of relationship, where we will send you great deals before we even blast them out to all of the investors on our email list.  But, this is something that must be earned, and you must have proof of funds, and good real estate transaction history with us to work up to that level.

Major Benefits Of Buying Deals From Wholesale Properties Colorado

  • New deals sent out on an almost weekly basis, sometimes even more frequently during the busy seasons such as summer.
  • Ability to become a preferred buyer, and get the latest and greatest wholesale deals sent directly to you before other investors even hear about them.
  • Chance to work with a real wholesaler one on one, and get the most attractive, highest profit deals assigned to you before your competitors.
  • Simple, easy to understand contracts, no complications.  We like to keep things simple, and are very flexible with our terms and policies.
  • Higher discount percentages.  Our wholesale deals are discounted at much higher percentages than our competition, as we offer discounts of up to 50% in some cases.

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Sign Up For Our Cash Buyer’s List Today

If you are a local Colorado real estate investor who is hungry for more deals, then you absolutely have to sign up for our cash buyer’s list today, as there’s literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You will be sent deals that you aren’t interested in?  But you can still gain some new knowledge and experience by seeing what types of deals are becoming available, which will give you unique insights into your local markets.  Why not simply enter your email address to gain access to our list of wholesale properties on the off-chance that there might be something in our inventory that peaks your interest, that you would want to invest in.  Some of our fix and flip opportunities provide net profit margins of 50k+ (that’s right, net not gross), so if you and your real estate investing team would like to get access to these types of deals in your area, then fill out the form below to see what properties we have in our database right now!

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