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discount wholesale fixer upper houses denver coIf you are searching for deeply discounted fixer uppers for sale in Denver then you are in the right place, because our professional real estate wholesaling company Wholesale Properties Colorado has been wholesaling in the front range area for several years, and we have a never-ending stream of discounted investment properties for sale in Denver, and throughout the rest of the state.  We choose to work one on one, directly with cash buyers in the area who are searching for wholesale deals, and have been in the fix and flip game for quite some time.

Where To Buy Denver Investment Properties?

Wholesale Properties Colorado is the number one wholesaler in the Denver market, and we have worked with hundreds of cash buyers in the area, who are all searching for the hottest fixer upper deals on the market.  If you want to get instant access to our latest wholesale investment properties online then please either sign up for our cash buyer’s list by filling out the form below, or simply give us a call or text right now at (719) 286-0053 and one of our wholesale property specialists will write down your search criteria, and attempt to match it up with our current inventory.

Why You Should Sign Up With Wholesale Properties Colorado

  • Instant access to deals.  When you sign up for our cash buyer’s list you will instantly gain access to our latest wholesale properties throughout Colorado, but in order to really drill down and find the deals that work best for you, you will have to work with us one on one and let us know exactly what you are looking for, that way we can match it up with our current inventory to see if it’s a good fit.
  • Deeply discounted properties up to 50% off.  Unlike other wholesalers who try to push properties that are only at a 10 – 15% discount, we always at least have a 20% discount off of retail value, unless the property is in the greater Denver metro area, because lets be honest, nobody is finding anything up there more than 20% off, and if they did it would be extremely rare.
  • One on one personal relationships with our buyers.  Unlike other wholesalers around Colorado who simply blast properties out to their huge email list, we like to have more of a personal relationship with our cash buyer’s, and that means finding out exactly what their search criteria is so that we can look it up to see if it matches with our inventory, and if it doesn’t then we will note your criteria and screen all of our incoming deals to see if anything matches.

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Sign Up Now For Denver Wholesale Properties For Sale

Look, the bottom line is this:  you want fixer upper homes in Denver and we have them, so what are you waiting for?  Sign up for our cash buyer’s list right now to get instant access to our below market wholesale deals and start making money right away.  We know how difficult it can be to find good deals, which is why you need hardcore marketers on your team like us who are always out there constantly searching and marketing for new discounted properties in the area.  We get all types of deals, but mostly foreclosures, job relocation homes, inheritance properties, tax liens, code violations, fixer uppers, and more.

There is simply no good reason that you can find to not sign up for our list.  We don’t sell your information to any third parties, and we don’t spam any unrelated information either.  Basically, we will only send you deeply discounted wholesale deals that match up specifically with what you are searching for, so fill out the form below, or you can also contact us directly via call or text at (719) 286-0053 and someone from our wholesaling team will take down your criteria and match it up with our current inventory to see if we have anything available that matches, and then we will send you those deals directly to your inbox as soon as we find them.

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