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If you are searching for fix and flip properties in Colorado Springs then you are in the right place, because we are the number one fix and flip wholesale property supplier in Colorado Springs and the surrounding front range location.  We have been supplying local investors with investment properties for several years now, and we consider ourselves to be an expert marketing and negotiating firm that is in charge of finding hot leads and negotiating a good sale price on them, so you as the flipper can worry about doing what you do best: the flipping.

Working with a local wholesaler such as us is extremely beneficial because it allows you to stay focused on the important tasks of running your house flipping business, and it lets us worry about focusing on the important task of finding motivated sellers, negotiating a discounted sale price, and putting the property under contract and opening escrow.  Now you can simply come in, fill our shoes, take over the assignment, and purchase the property and then get your crew started on the work.

Top Reasons To Sign Up For Our Buyer’s List Today

  • Constantly refreshed database of wholesale investment properties in Colorado Springs.  We are constantly updating our database of properties with new ones every week, so please check back frequently to our web site, Facebook page, and your email, and if you are a preferred buyer and we have something in your area, then we will send you a text message directly.
  • Exclusive VIP buyer’s list opportunity.  Unlike other Colorado wholesalers, we have the ability to put you on our VIP preferred buyer’s list, so you get the latest properties that match your search criteria sent out directly to you before other investors even get to see them, so you have the first opportunity to bid on them before they get sent out to the rest of our database.
  • Discounts of 20 – 50% off of full retail value.  We normally aim to get at least 20% off of full retail value, but of course we always try to negotiate as big of a discount as possible, while still keeping the deal intact for the seller, as sometimes mortgage payoffs will be higher, so we aren’t able to get a lower price on certain properties, therefore those are the ones that end up at the 20% margin.  The great thing about our company is that we don’t even list any properties on our site or send them out to our cash buyer’s list unless they meet specific criteria, and that means at least a 20% discount off of full retail value.

How Much Is Our Typical Wholesale Fee?

Some people think that revealing your fee information is bad form, but we disagree.  We feel that being completely transparent about how much we make puts our investors at ease, and allows them to see behind the curtain of our business, so they feel like they are more in tune with how we operate, and how we effectively run our company.  So with that in mind, our typical wholesale fee is roughly 10% of the net profit on the fix and flip, so if the net profit is $30,000 then our typical wholesale fee would be $3,000.

Of course these numbers can vary with each specific transaction, and these are just to be used as a general guideline in order to successfully gauge what you will most likely experience during an actual transaction with our company when we send you over the assignment agreement.  Our assignment agreements clearly state the wholesale fee, so you can feel good about the transaction from the very beginning until the end.

For more information on how to find the best fix and flip properties in Colorado Springs please read Where To Purchase Discount Investment Properties In Colorado Springs

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