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If you are looking for Colorado Springs Foreclosure Deals then you are in the right place, because our team is a professional online marketing firm that consistently produces some of the best pre-foreclosure leads in the state, and then we put the properties under contract and wholesale them to investors like you.  If you are interested in buying smoking hot, below market foreclosure deals then please sign up using the form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll start sending you our latest properties right to your inbox.  We also have the option for you to become a preferred buyer, which means that we will build a personal one on one relationship with you, and that’s when we will start sending you deals that nobody else is even getting to look at.  Once we complete your buyer profile, and we know what areas you are targeting, what price points are ideal for you, and what your minimum net profit on a flip or cash flow on a rental is, then we can laser target these properties for you with our marketing, and then put them under contract and deliver them straight to your inbox on a silver platter.  Technology is awesome, isn’t it?

Why You Should Buy Wholesale From Us, Not The Competition

  • Deeply discounted, true wholesale properties.  Look lets face it, most of the other wholesalers out there are peddling junk properties that are listed on the MLS and trying to add their fee on top.  What we do is very different.  We actually find highly lucrative real estate deals that are truly off market and below market value, and we put them under contract, and then sell the contracts.  We only send out deals to our buyers list that are vetted and verified as highly lucrative for other investors.
  • Unconventional, unorthodox real estate methods that work.  We believe that playing by the book is for sissies.  We are comfortable with conducting our business in unconventional, unorthodox methods that work and produce results.  Our team is willing to go above and beyond the competition, doing things such as getting sellers septic tanks pumped, paying for inspections, setting up moving trucks, hosting estate sale, selling personal property such as cars, jewelry, etc.  The point is that we are not your traditional real estate company, as we are willing to go above and beyond to market to sellers and then help them through the transaction in whatever way humanly possible.
  • Highly disciplined, dedicated staff that produces results.  Once again, we are not your average wholesaler.  We are a team of highly dedicated, experienced entrepreneurs and real estate investors who are passionate about this industry, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to produce consistent, achievable results for us and our clients, and we will not stop until we reach our destination.

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